Reorder Policy

kwajahathydrokwajahathydro Member Posts: 88

I have picked up two items as my test items in my local database and on the tab called planning in Item Card, i have enabled the reordering policy as fixed reorder qty and filled up the other respective fields for it to complete the setup.

I ran the standard report number 717 (inventory - reorders) and when i print that report it displays lot of items but doesnt display the items that i have picked and set them as fixed reorder qty. I did even filtered the same report by location and didnt put any item filtering but still my report is 0 pages. I am not sure why the standard report is not working. This is the only report that can tell us that what items are there in the system where the reordering policy has been setup, i guess reordering policy checks againts what is available, what is on the purchase order and then what is the reorder point + Reorder Qty by taking into consideration the maximum order qty also.

pls give me some indications that how reorder policy works in navision n also some hints as why the standard report isnt printing the items that i have picked up for reordering stocks.

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