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the problem was with OFFICE 2007 i install office 2010 and everything is working fine.

i am using Dynamic Nav 2009 classic sp1 and when i try to export to excel i am getting an a DON'T SEND and the Navision restarts and i've checked the log file and below you can find an image and the log file that i have.

Information file prepared 08/02/2012 08:40:59 UTC

Error Class=Exception
Program=Dynamics NAV Classic (6.0.29626.0)
Operating System=Windows Server 2003 (5.2.3790)
Total Physical memory=2047MB
Used Virtual Memory=156MB
System Locale=1033
User Locale=1033
Global Language=1033
Code Pages=ANSI 1252 OEM 437

Server Connected= (9.0.4035)
Database Open=AGROTRADE (Compatibility 90)
Windows Authentication=No
Client/Server Version No=150
Database Collation=Latin1_General_CS_AS


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