Role Created to hide unit cost

kwajahathydrokwajahathydro Member Posts: 88

In our navision, version 6 sp1 singapore i have seen a role created as Show-UnitCost, if i assign this role to the users, they are able to see the unit cost in item card and in item list but if i dont assign this role to them they cannot see anything in unit cost except as **********

There is one more requirement in the item card from the management, they want to hide another column to the users for example last direct cost, if i want to control this in form of roles how do i tag this field to the role and if the users are assinged this new role they can see last direct unit cost and if they are not assigned with this new role then they cannot see the last direct unit cost and except see as **********

what is the best way to do, and also we have two different companies in one database. Pls give me steps as i am not a programmer to take tips but i can follow the steps if anyone can give me the details

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