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ManivannanManivannan Member Posts: 2

I am using Parallel Routing operation in Production. My Routing contains 3 machine centres with operation no - 10, 20 amd 30. i had mentioned 20 and 30 as next operation in 10, 30 as next operation in 20.

The purpose of Parallel operation is to optmize/reduce time, i suppose.

But in production order => Line => Routing lines => Operation 30 is followed by 20 i.e., say if operation 20 starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm, Operation 30 starts at 4pm instead of starting at 2pm.

Please clarify and help me out, how to proceed.


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    Erik_LaarmanErik_Laarman Member Posts: 4
    I believe you should create also step 040
    Next steps of 010 are 020|030.
    Previous step of 020 and 030 is 010.
    Next step of 020 and 030 is both 040.
    Previous steps of 040 are 020|030.
    Step 040 is an 'empty' step, just created so you will have only one ending step in the routing.


    Erik 8)
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