Manufacturing planning with transportation constrains

b_satelb_satel Member Posts: 2

I am modeling a manufacturing planning that should also consider transportation (delivery) timing/ costs.

The manufacturing company delivers products to certain regions on specific days: eg.: South on Monday, North on Wednesday.
If we deliver on another day, the delivery is more expensive (it is made by external transportation company).

On the other hand, there are capacity constrains and requested delivery dates from customer.
(for this the planning is covered by Nav)

How would it be possible to consider in planning also the transportation schedule?



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    udayrmerudayrmer Member Posts: 171
    Try to use Shipping Agent Code, in its' Shipping agent services use calender code.

    Go through respective user manual you will definitely get help.
    Uday Mer | MS Dynamics NAV Techno-Functional Consultant
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