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i have a cash Chart of Account 11520 and a Trade Payale Chart of Account 20010, most of the transactions on the 2 accounts are USD, which is not local currency code. by the way the local Currency Code is CNY;
the first time before i run Adjust Exchange Rate, i set the Exchagne Rate Adjustment type to "Adjust Additional Currency Amount", which was wrong :cry: ; then i Run Adjust Exchange Rate, the resut of was : in GL Entries of the 2 accounts, Additional Currency Amount column have a adjustment, Account11520--value 10,732, Account 20010--value 8,134; :cry:

when i realized i did wrong setup on the 2 accouts, then i changed the Exchange Rate Adjustmeng type to "Adjust Amount" on the 2 accounts card; then i run Adjust Exchagne Rate one more time; but the result was: in GL Entries of the 2 accoutns, Amount column have very small value, one is 0.03, the other is 0.02; i am confused by the result, are they wrong? are the second time results were affected by the first time exchagne rate adjustment running?

did you meet the same question before when you run adjust exchange rate? How to reverse the first time wrong result and make the final exchange rates adjust have correct result?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

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