Navision W1(4.0) - Report Dataitem BUG

itspeteritspeter Member Posts: 105
- DataItem -
Integer           | Loop1
   Integer      | Loop2
When I try to move Loop1 to bottom or Loop2 to top, Navision will hit error and exit.

Same goes to: -
- DataItem -
Integer           | Loop1
Integer           | Loop2
I tried it on 2 other pc with same version, same error.
Is it only happens in my copy or this version?
Peter Ng


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    utouto Member Posts: 36
    There is not only integer DataItem but the others dataitem also. I think it's the bug for version4.0.
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    RogerRoger Member Posts: 57

    I've got the same problem.
    It seems to be a bug in 4.00
    Many thanks, Roger
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