MailMerge: Disable need to approve NAV triggering Outlook

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Hello experts,

I am trying to create a job (a report with processing only = yes) that will create interaction entries on contacts just as if the user had created the entries manually. The scenario is that our client needs to send a personalized e-mail (using mail merge) to several hundred contacts. They can achieve this manually, but would rather have a job that could do it automatically. I have created the job and it works fine, but the problem is that every time NAV calls Outlook (which it does for every contact it sends an e-mail to) I have to manually allow NAV to trigger Outlook. Does anybody know how to disable this safety feature? I am using a lot of NAV standard code. Basically I am creating a segment line identical to what NAV does when you manually create an interaction entry using the interaction wizard, and then I call the FinishWizard function in table Segment Line. This function takes care of sending the e-mail to the contact.



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    I have tried that few days ago, finally I used SMTP to send the email instead outlook.
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    NagiNagi Member Posts: 151
    Thank you for your reply, Kine. I will look into that!
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