Amount(ACY) in General Journal Lines - Forece the value

s_venkatesh78s_venkatesh78 Member Posts: 97
Dear Nav Users,

Currently in Navision (Any version from 5.0) when we post the general journal lines the system is taking the ACY based on the exchange rate setup done in the exchange rate setup table irrespective of what ever we enter in the Amount (ACY) field.

Instead of the system calculating the value can we force the system to take the Amount (ACY) entered in the 'Amount (ACY)' field of the general journal if i make this field editable ?

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    ChinmoyChinmoy Member Posts: 359

    I am sure that you would be able to do this with changing the posting routines. But, why do you need this? Please evaluate all your options properly before modifying any base code in the posting routines. I think there should definitely be some way to avoid this code change, and run through an alternative solution in NAV.


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    gerrykistlergerrykistler Member Posts: 149
    I do not understand why you would want to override the ACY amount. Would you please explain the business logic for this?
    Gerry Kistler
    KCP Consultores
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