MS Dynamics 5.0 Can't see all the functions of a codeunit

ResenderResender Member Posts: 119
Hello all,
Currently I'm working on an automation project of the warehouse picks for one of our clients.
At the moment there manually filling in the data they get from their clients about picks before registering them.
I've writing a codunit that does the work but I'm sitting with a bit of a problem.

When registering a pick codeunit 7306 Whse.-Act.-Register (Yes/No) OnRun is called and from there 7307 Whse.-Activity-Register is called.
Now I need the same code without the UI requesting whether I want to book the pick ect...
I've taken the code for this, but then I'm faced with calls to functions in 7307, I created a variable and mapped it to 7307.
But when I check I barely see 1/10 of the functions available in the codeunit.
And if I do variableName.Functionname I still get the error it doesn't know it.

So my question is what's going on, when I was writing this I came up with the idea that maybe I don't have permissions on everything in the codeunit but that sounds a bit far-fetched.


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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Check the properties of the functions in that codeunit. When Local is set to Yes, the function is not visible outside the object.
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    ResenderResender Member Posts: 119
    OK thanks, that is correct, on the plus side I can justify to my colleague why I had to take over all the code in a previous version on my codeunit.
    On the minus side if any functionality changes in those functions.
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