Web Service Page 157 - Item Availability By Periods

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I'm having trouble retreiving item availability per date for our products via the navision web service, which will be used to display a "available on <date>" message in our webshop for products that's not in stock. It looks like the page 157 "Item Availability By Periods" is the one I'm looking for, but I can't seem to query the service without getting errors.

The Web Service supports a ReadMultiple operation, which takes an argument "filter". "Filter" has two fields, Field and Criteria. Field must be one of "PeriodType" or "AmountType".

No matter what values I give the filter (or if I omit it completely), I receive a generic error that doesn't tell me anything about what's wrong:
WebFault: Server raised fault: 'Metadata for object of type CodeUnit with id 6810 is in a failed state. This is caused by a previous exception:
Object of type CodeUnit with id 6810 could not be found.
I think I need to install Employee Portal to get a better error, but I can't, since we're using Windows 7, and Employee Portal needs SharePoint, which only works on Windows Server.

I've tried passing "Day", "Quarter", "0", "1" etc. to PeriodType, and "Net Change", "Balance at Date", "0", "1" etc. to AmountType, to no avail. I don't find any combinations of these that gives me anything but the same error.

Does anyone know how to use this Page, or if there's some other methods I could use to get me the same data?
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