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I need to "show as pdf" posted purch. inv. and cr. memos. The current implementation shows all documents for all invoices and cr. memos given a Vendor No. This document can then be fed to the ShowPDF();

In my case I show posted purch. inv. and cr. memos. So I have the vendor no and also the job no. and the doc. no, but in the Document Table I only have Source Type and Source No., which can be the Vendor No. and, I suspect, also the Job No. This however will not give me just the Documents that are posted and are Purch. Inv. and Cr. Memos, and I can't seem to identify a field on Table Document, that will allow me to find just the correct Documents.

Any ideas how to proceed?

EDIT: Think I've found a way. Using Purch. Doc. - Management and the two methods:
ShowDocFromPostedInv(PurchInvHeader : Record "Purch. Inv. Header")
ShowDocFromPostedCrMemo(PurchCrMemoHeader : Record "Purch. Cr. Memo Hdr.")

Not finished yet, but I'm almost positive, that this will do the trick. :)


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    CrunchCrunch Member Posts: 37
    This was indeed the solution.

    Read the faq, but can't seem to find how to mark thread as "Solved"
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    This is in the Rules:
    How to mark your topic as 'Solved' ?:
    Open your Topic thread.
    You'll find an option "Topic attributes" at the bottom right corner of the page.
    Note: this field is only visible for threads where the first post originates from you!
    Set (or clear) the Solved-icon by changing this attribute. Possible values are: None, Solved, Good Posting!.
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