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Hey guyz,

I am in a bit of a pickle. Maybe some can shed some light and help me out.

Originally a report had one DateItem (Item) which was used to display the following information: No., Description, Quantity on Hand, Sales (Qty), Discontinued Item, etc. Upon users request, the report was slightly modified since the user wanted to see the Bin Content of each Item no. (i.e where is the item located (location code), how many are left in the warehouse (Quanity), etc).
Currently the report the report has two dataitems: Item and Bin Content (indented under the Item dataitem).

Now I have been asked to update the Print to Excel Option in the report to display the Bin Content Information aswell for every item no. I am not really sure how to do this: How do I create a new line in excel every time bin content is found.

Please find the enclosed attachment to get a visual aid.
Report Designer & Preview Report - http://www2.zshare.ma/mynlyp5e7ryc
Excel output - http://www2.zshare.ma/ulnefo8d7ja5
(I couldnt upload the pics here because the size of the image) :(

I have been able to get all the items information (from the item dataitem) to display (the black box...on the image). I am not sure how to display the bin content of each item in the excel report.


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    gerrykistlergerrykistler Member Posts: 149
    If you want the Bin Contents in the rows below the Item row, just increase the row no. you send to create the cells in Excel. You may want to but the Bin Code in column B (description) so the bin information is indented.

    If you are not sure how to do this, post the code within the Item Data item which is creating the Excel output now.
    Gerry Kistler
    KCP Consultores
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