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I have a SQL Server Database in Dynamics 5.01 with a Table too large, and have many keys (15).
This table represents 80 % of the size of the Database!
A means or a tool exists to compress it or create an archive compressed ?

Thanks in advance.




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    KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    Yes there are tools to compress data within NAV. But be very careful. Dynamics NAV 5.0SP1 comes with several archive tables.
    For example you can "easily" archive older purchase and sales orders. However, when it comes to the Item Ledger Entry or G/L Entry it will be very hard and often does not yield the desired effect. There are many posts on this forum about the (Item Ledger Entry, G/L Entry) date compression and there are also many blogs about it.

    Please read up on those posts/blogs and you will find out what is best for your situation.

    Hope this helps,


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    strykstryk Member Posts: 645
    If you think about physical compression using SQL Server 2008 EE "Data Compression" this might help you:
    Jörg A. Stryk (MVP - Dynamics NAV)
    NAV/SQL Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting
    STRYK System Improvement
    The Blog - The Book - The Tool
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