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Hello ,

We are facing a performance difference on SQL Server transactions between a some servers on wich Navision Clients are running.

Let me try to explain our problem:
We are running Navision 5.1 Clients on citrix servers and another Server running NAS. All Servers are virtualized.
SQL 2008 R2 Server is not virtualized.
As we discovered a perfomance problem on the NAS Server i set up a little benchmark function with somme find and calcfields operation, and ran this funktion on both environments with Standard Client.

Looking on Client Monitor:
On Citrix Server : 6 sec, 320 DB Operations with 16 Ms , all others with 0
On NAS Server : 26 sec , 1516 DB Operations with 16 Ms , all others with 0

We have checked the virtualization environment running the server on the same boxes.
Another fact is that running the function on the citrix client for the first time it also took 26 s , the second time only 6 s.
on a local client it takes 6 s the first time, on the NAS Server box it takes 26 s everytime.

Open connection problem ? Caching ?

Any advice is appreciated.


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    Check the object cache setting of the NAS.

    You might also want to copy a normal client to the NAS Box and run the same benchmark there. Check with different object cache settings.
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    I ran this funktion on both environments with Standard Client.

    the slow performance is allready on a standard client running with normal object cache.
    On both Server : Objet Cache 32000 KB
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    The Object are cached normally on both Client.

    A deeper check in Client Monitoring shows that the SQL Cursors und SQL Plans used in both environment
    are the same.
    10794 FIND/NEXT 33 SQL Status ID: 18981;Reused: 29;Prepared;Dynamic;Restricted;Rows: ;Cached;UpdateNoLocks

    10795 CALCSUMS 33 SQL Status ID: 4756;Reused: 3561;Prepared;Default;Rows: 1;UpdateNoLocks

    10796 FINDFIRST 33 SQL Status ID: 4759;Reused: 3561;Prepared;Default;Top;Rows: 1;UpdateNoLocks

    As shown above only a major part of SQL Querys have a duration of 16ms on the NAS Box.

    Does that refer to a network problem ?
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    Well, I suggest to run SQL Profiler to trace the queries to see what EXACTLY takes so long ... In parallel I'd run "Windows Performance Monitor" to check on the disks and the network (maybe also CPU and RAM) - here monitoring both: the SQL Server machine and the NAS or Citrix box!
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    We investigate this problem a little further and find some issues.

    Running our little benchmark tool from citrix navision client and a call it "slow server Navision Client" , we found following results:

    Both runs have the same execution time on the SQL Server Trace 0,6 Sec. for 4595 SQL Statements.
    Analysing in details show that the run from citrix client fires 5 SQL Statement within the same millisecond, the "slow server"
    fires 1 SQL statement per Ms.

    In the end we find her the 1 / 5 relation in the total runtime duration.

    Both Servers are running as virtual servers in the same network.
    The Citrix Server is in the domain.
    The slow server is attached to the sql server via a firewall.

    Do you think that the firewall could be the problem ?

    Thanks again for every reply , suggestion
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