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EccEcc Member Posts: 3
I've built a tabular type form that has a table in its source and shows its contents. Than I added a textbox, set its sourceexpr to a global variable und added
    record.SETRANGE(Column, Filter);
to the OnValidate-Event of that textbox. Filtering works, but when the tablebox looses its focus, I get a message telling me that I cannot modify the forms source table. But i didn't change anything in the tablebox. When i put the same C/AL-Code in the OnPush-Event of a button, everything works _without_ that messagebox. How can i get rid of that message?

Thanks in advance!


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    babbab Member Posts: 65
    Put your code in the OnAfterValidate trigger, also call CurrForm.Update(FALSE) instead of FINDFIRST (it will fail if no records are found). E.g. if you have a form with sourcetable Customer, with variable NameFilter, you can use something like this:
    IF NameFilter = '' THEN
      SETFILTER(Name, NameFilter);
    You can also check the standard forms like 7002, to get an idea.
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    EccEcc Member Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot, it works now. :-)
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