Untitled user ID in Database sessions

BazBaz Member Posts: 16
We're using 3.7 on the native database and for about the last month I have been noticing a user ID called <untitled> in the Database Sessions window.

We can't get into Navision without a username, so I'm not sure how this session is getting created. We are not using Jet Reports or Application Server or anything else that requires its own session.

If I log everyone out of Navision at night (we use AutoIdleClose to kill idle sessions) the <untitled> user is still there. The only way to kill it is to stop the Navision service.

Any ideas how this session is getting created, or how I can find out? Thanks in advance.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    If you are connected to server and you are not logged in (you have login window open) - your session is named <untitled> because Navision don't know your name yet. This session must be from someone, who wanted to login but he lost connection in logon screen...
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    BazBaz Member Posts: 16
    Yes, that's it. Our case seems to be caused by a Terminal Server user who was trying to log in over a Wi-Fi hotspot and lost his connection.

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