Style sheet problems Word 2010 (and 2007)

davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
I have a customer who has some minor changes to the style sheets I developed for them when I was still running Office 2007 32 bit edition.
I recently upgraded to Office 2010 32 bit edition.
Now when I convert mail merge to style sheet, the debugger shows it is looking at
FORMAT(ChildNode.nodeName) = 'w:tbl'
and then gets an error when it cannot find it.
(You must define a table structure when using the multiline functionality.)
Since the Word document clearly has the table structure defined as per the style sheet document and was working before, is anyone aware of any Word 2010 incompatibilities?
I am not a Word guru, but it looks like from the style sheet code in NAV that it is creating a Word97/2000 document with the merge fields, then creating a Word 2003 style sheet.
I then had the bright idea of installing NAV2009SP1 on an old Windows Server 2003 where Word 2007 was already installed, but it gets a different error when it executes:
wrdDoc := wrdApp.Documents.Open2000(MailMergeDocFileName,ParamFalse,ReadOnly);
This produces the error: Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.wpc
This looks like an old problem but no solution applicable to this problem.
Since this appears to be a Word 6 converter which is in the right place in my Word 2007 system (the same program is not in my Word 2010 install and it gets past this call there), I am wondering if there is some setting that is causing it to call the wrong WORD utility.

I am running the style sheet 2.0 version and could not find any updates to it since its 2009 release date.


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    powerstupowerstu Member Posts: 3
    Hi Not sure if you managed to resolve the issue? I was just trying out the Style Sheet tool on the test Cronus DB. The issue I have is that when I close down Word (2010) it doesn't prompt me to import in Nav and Nav 'locks' as though there is an 'active' window waiting for a response - although I cannot see any window open. I am not a developer - I am just investigating this tool as a possible solution for creating Sales Invoices. I followed the guide - the only difference is I have 2010 installed as opposed to 2007.
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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    I did get some help from the Microsoft author. It did not like some of the fields on my layout that were okay in Word 2007.
    I would not do any new projects with customized style sheets unless and until Microsoft officially supports it.
    They are looking at providing something, so best now is to wait.

    It is a wonderful tool - but since some of the logic in the NAV executables, it needs the dev group to take it over. (It was originally developed by field engineering.)
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