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I'm working for pre-sales and have to coordinate demos for 4 colleagues.
Basically we have a standard demo I develope and transfer to my colleagues. With the changed storyboard I also give them my zup file to have a standard view.

In case of changes on the standard demo they all get a copy of my database and my zup file which they place into the right folder. They all log in with "PSH".

Result: Sometimes it works, mostly not. ](*,)
What is in the zup file? Does the zup file also depend on the log in windows?
Is there a chance with creating "demo clients" on our laptops.
It gets soul-destroying to adapt the forms every time fourth and takes to much time.

Thanks a lot for your help and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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    c@rlosc@rlos Member Posts: 2
    Hello, the file ZUP keeps the personalization of each one of the users. As you mention in your e-mail, the file remains associate to Users with him that do login in the operating system, if these working in a Windows 2000 or XP.

    This personalization includes:

    * So Great and position of the forms
    * Presentation of the forms (mainly order of the columns)
    * Parameters utilized frequently in the reports

    If the file ZUP has as name FIN, this is used for defect each time that you use Navision, and does not differentiate if work with the database Demo or directly with that of the company.

    What you can cause is to create a Direct Access for the DEMO, you can should indicate the name of the ZUP file. Subsequently you shipment an example, in the Target write:

    "C:\path_Navision\fin.exe" DATABASE="path_db_demo",ID="demo"

    The ID parameter is the ZUP file name.

    Good luck ;)
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