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In the database, there is a report called A/R Aging Report.

At the end of every month, the user has to run the report for each Customer Posting Group (which takes alot of time). The user has requested us if we can modify the report, so he/she can run the report and sort by posting groups. At the end of each posting group, the report should contain the total of that posting group and also each Posting group should start on a new page.

Most of the processing is done in the Cust Ledger Entry (Dataitem) and the information is put in array and the Integer (dataitem) is used to display this information.

I created a Groupheader for Customer (dataitem) so it can sort the information out by Customer Posting Group. However, the problem I am not really sure how can I do TotalFields on the arrary Items so it can calculate it for every Posting Group and then automatically reset them?

Section Designer: - http://www.zshare.ma/lsawurw5xdv8
Report Output - http://www.zshare.ma/3szrb9z301md


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    First thing I would do is leave the orig report alone.

    Copy the orig report to a new Number 50000+ range call it "a/r aging report by Posting group" or something.

    Why wouldn't you make the first dataitem "Customer Posting Group"? and play around with that since it sounds like they would like it by

    Customer Posting Group
    --Cust. Ledger Entry
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    nvermanverma Member Posts: 396
    I made a copy of the report before I started playing around with it.

    So there is no simple way of keeping track of the array totals eh using the TotalFields.

    I kinda was trying not to gut the report, because it does so many things in the background. I never made the original report, it was already in the system. If I dont have a choice, that would be my last resource.
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I didn't mention gut it. I asking if you tried to add (Insert) a new dataitem "Customer posting Group" before the other dataitems Then you adjust the DataItemIndent by 1 across the board for the dataitems that already exist.
    Then you can add a New Customer posting Group footer or group footer to the report. See what you can come up with. That's where I would start because you wan the same report you just want to wrap the Cust Posting Group around it.
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    nvermanverma Member Posts: 396

    I put all those fields (BalanceDue[1], BalanceDue[2], BalanceDue[3], etc) in the GroupFooter.
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