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I recently read an article about free software for businesses that are ad supported - some accounting software and some medical software for doctors and clinics.

So I thought - why not NAV?
In the USA, we could have the early morning ad - "trouble getting started? time for a Starbucks run."
Lunchtime - ads for restaurants advertising their specials.
Afternoon - time for a pick me up - things go better with Coca Cola.
End of work day - happy hour specials.
And for those conscientious after hours workers - treat yourself to Amazon's amazing specials.

Microsoft could get in the action too - be the first one on your block city to own a Windows phone...



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    The sad part is, I wouldn't be surprised if a partner does come out with something like this. We will lease you a copy of NAV, $xx / mo for no adds, $yy less if you have adds.
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    Businesses would rather want employee to work than to look at ads or be distracted by ads.
    Most ads are only paid when clicked on.
    Most add go for ~.01 cent per 1000 users. And most nav users are in 5-100 users. You do the math.
    UI Real estate on RTC is already scarce.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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  • davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,281
    Sounds like the perfect business model for Microsoft's online division.
    They can add it to Bing.

    BTW - today's joke may be tomorrow's business plan!

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