backup database error

madalinamadalina Member Posts: 46
When I try creating a Backup for a database I receive the following error message.

There is an error in database structure.
table :Item Ledger Entry
Key Fields: Entry No.

Please inform me how can I corect this or at least a hint about this problem.


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    randrewsrandrews Member Posts: 135
    May Be test of this table helps you
    File-> Database Information
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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 918
    I am afraid this is the worst message you can get. #-o
    There is no way to fix the table.
    You will have to restore the last successful backup into a new database
    and start again... :evil:
    Kai Kowalewski
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    fbfb Member Posts: 246
    There is a KnowledgeBase article on PartnerSource that describes a number of strategies for recovering what you can from a damaged db table. If you are an MBS partner, you can access it directly. If not, speak to your local Solution Centre...

    https://mbs.microsoft.com/knowledgebase ... -us;874292
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