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Madhavi_PandeyMadhavi_Pandey Member Posts: 124
Hi Experts

I am using Inventory Valuation Report. But it is not displaying the unit cost and Inventory value.These two column's values are being displayed zero into the Report .But unit cost and Inventory figure is present into the item card. Plz tell me the actual reason why this is happening ?

I am attaching the snapshot .Plz check

We are using warehouse setup and costing system-standard.
Madhavi Pandey.


  • Faithie_RobertsonFaithie_Robertson Member Posts: 24

    Three things.

    First check to be sure you don't have the additional currency option checked on the OPTION tab of the report. If you're not using an additional currency, this could be the issue.

    Secondly, look at the cost on your Item Ledger Entries in the "Cost Amount (Actual)" field (which is a flowfield over Value Entry "Cost Amount (Actual)" matched by Item Ledger Entry). Do you have a cost there? Could it be your standard cost was entered after the inventory was placed in the database?

    Lastly, check the date on the transactions. Your report is using 05/01/12 - but could it be that the date the inventory was loaded is a later date? It's a long shot...but...check anyway.
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  • ChinmoyChinmoy Member Posts: 359
    Is this a customized report?
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