FIFO Replacement

fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
Dear Experts,

Almost 10 Items are there which are by mistake attached with FIFO costing method. Whereas, we are using Average Method.

I want to change them from FIFO to Average but i can't change it says there are one or more ledger entries.

I know i have to make the quantity zero

But what is the way how can i make it zero. should i just make adjustments or what?

Please let me know ASAP!



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    crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    Even if you do a negative adjustment to get 0 Inventory, NAV won't allow you to change the Costing Method.

    The official workaround is to rename the Item.
    Then create a new one with the same No. the old one had.
    That way you have a completely new Item and you can assign to it the Costing Method you want.
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