Error with report of Age Account Payable??

PattysPattys Member Posts: 2
I prepare a report of Aged Account Payable, I need to know how many Vendor we have to pay this month.
To prepare the report I follow these steps:

Financial Management > Payable > Report > Aged Account Payable
Tab Vendor: Vendor Posting Group (3RD PARTY) and Outstanding Invoices
Tab Options: Aged of as (26/04/2012), Aging by (Due Date), Period of Length (1D)

This report show me, the list of the vendors with the due date of the invoices (aged overdue amounts). They are in the range of 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90days, Over 120.

The problem is that only invoice of one vendor is on the range Over 120 days, but have to be between 1-30days because the Invoice Posting Date is: 02/04/12 and Due Date: 16/04/12, today is: 26/04/12

Do you know why this error happens? Because is only in this invoice that the report is wrong.


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