How to change the forecolor of a button during runti

kldegrkldegr Member Posts: 13
I couldn't find any help for this problem.
How can I solve it our where can I find a solution?
I'm new in mibuso, if I'm in a wrong forum please tell me where to post this question correctly
Thanks in advance


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    TvisTvis Member Posts: 70
    Go into design mode and take a look at the properties of the button.

    Look for ForeColor and Backcolor and change these to the colors you want.
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    kldegrkldegr Member Posts: 13
    Sorry I wasn't clear enough.
    I want to change the colour during runtime.

    My solution:
    Seems there its no way to do this.
    As for now I'm using two buttons, a black one and a red one and I make only one off them visible at the same time.
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