Problem with Replenishment

kpsendilkumarkpsendilkumar Member Posts: 6
When I run the replenishment, I get the following log lines for an Item:

Checking Item=3276365 Variant= Store=HO
Replen. Data - Replen. Source = ItemStore - Item No. = 3276365 - Variant Code = - Replenishment Calculation Type = Stock Levels - Vendor No. = - Purch. Order Delivery = To Warehouse
Replen. Data - Replenishment Grade Code = - Reorder Point = 50 - Maximum Inventory = 75 - Transfer Multiple = 0 - Purchase Order Multiple = 0
Replen. Data - Not Active for Replenishment = No - Exclude from Autom. Replenishm = No - Range in Location = No
Location HO is within Store Group Filter
Maximum Inventory(75) - Effective Inventory(10) = Quantity(65) [SL100]
Type = Stock Levels/ Effective Inventory = 10/ Reorder Point = 50/ Maximum Inventory = 75/ System Suggested Quantity = 75

Though the System Suggested Qty. should be 65, why is it 75 (the Maximum Inventory)?

The System Suggested Qty. for all the items is the Maximum Inventory where the Inventory is less than the Reorder Point.

Could any one explain this?

I am using W1 2009 R2 database.

Thanks in advance.


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    Faithie_RobertsonFaithie_Robertson Member Posts: 24
    What is your reorder policy? The only time Maximum Quantity should come into play is when the policy is set to "Maximum Quantity". When it is, the value in the "Maximum Quantity" field is used as a lot size. Check the help text in NAV by searching for "Reordering Policy field".
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