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Hi Experts. Would request expert comments on the following requirement.

I have a store with 3 POS machines. they are numbered as POS1, POS2 and POS3. I intend to use the POS client at the store backoffice as POS0 to perform specific transactions belonging to one single department only. This department's sale will be disabled in all other POS.

This can be achieved by using the POS functionality profile and POS Actions. I have created a separate func. profile and using POS actions, restricted the sale of all other departments except the one which I wanted to allow. This feature is working fine.

The problem is - there are two places where the func.profile can be assigned. One at the Store level, and the other at the POS level. When I assign the new profile at the store level, my requirement works fine. But it puts the restriction in all the other POS also. Thats a problem.

Alternately, I put the default profile in the store card, and assign the new profile at the POS terminal level, the requirement does not work. POS0 allows sale of other items as well.

This indicates that the func. profile assigned at the store card takes precedence over the assignment in the POS terminal card.

question: Is there any way the func. profile assigned at the POS Terminal card would take precedence where by POS0 only allows the sale of items for one department, while the other POS continue as per the func. profile listed in the store card.

Thanking you in advance.
--Tetos :)


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    TetosTetos Member Posts: 23
    Found out the issue:

    the issue is a bug with LS Retail 5.0 in the form 99008951. There is a ; after a THEN clause in the oninit() trigger.

    IF NOT PosFuncProfile.GET(Globals.GetValue('LSFUNCPROFILE')) THEN;
    PosFuncProfile.GET(StoreSetup."POS Func. Profile");

    Upon removing the ;, the system works as intended.
    --Tetos :)
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