Sending a report to Vendors individually

westry016westry016 Member Posts: 15
Hi All,

I have a custom report which list all Vendor Payments.
I print this report from the payment Journal.

The Client has now come back and said that they want this report emailed to each Vendor
listed on the report. I changed the report to display each vendor on a new Page.

The Problem I am having is that for each Vendor I must create a single report(new) for that vendor and then email it.

I am using PDFCreator to convert the report to PDF and then email. NO Problem.

Problem : How do I create an individual report for each vendor? Is this Possible at all

Your help will be much appreciated. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)


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    westry016westry016 Member Posts: 15
    Please Ignore Problem Solved
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    kmkaotkmkaot Member Posts: 261

    There are many posts available in the forum and also other places.

    Check with SAVEASPDF function also email funtions.

    Warm regards
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