The power of Solomon?

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Dear guys,
I am now using solomon for accounting but i do not really know well about all the utilities of solomon, for example the communication between solomon and other software, which format of communication is used for input/output (ftp transfer, XML, ODBC...)?.Could some one tell me about that? I greatly appreciate your helps.



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    For many screens, you can simply copy and paste from Excel. For example, if you want to set up a new chart of accounts, you can set it up in Excel and paste it into the Chart of accounts screen (you only need the first three columns).

    Solomon's best method of importing data, though, is the "Transaction Import" screen. With that feature, you can bring comma-delimited (Excel CSV format) data directly into ANY screen in Solomon. It uses the same code as the screen, so it is validated, and the errors that appear (in the event log) will be the same as if you had typed in the information by hand.
    Toni Savage
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