"Search Name" on a Customer Card

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Short story:

What does the field "Search Name" on a Customer Card actually do and how does it go about getting updated?

I notice a lot of Names on Customer Card are different from Search Name.

It doesn't really matter, but I am curious.

For example, I have one customer like "Name: Customer1 **", but under Search Name it just says "Customer1". There's a LOT of them like this, not that it really matters.

Then I have another like "Name: Customer2", but under Search Name it is "Customer2 ********" which leads me to at one point this customer was blocked, but we've got no notes in the Comment Sheet to document that. (We use ** on Names as a visual indicator to show blocked customers, yeah I know it's a wildcard and shouldn't be used, they started this before I was working here)

Another is entirely different all together.. it might be like "Name: Tom's Hardware, Inc." but the Search name is "Tom's Hardware Store #105".


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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Somebody is probably overriding the values in there. By default, the search name defaults to whatever the Name is.
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    In the customer table when it validates the entry into the "Name" filed it populates the "Search Name" Field.
    But you can go in and edit the search name, which appears what your company is doing.
    Name - OnValidate()
    IF ("Search Name" = UPPERCASE(xRec.Name)) OR ("Search Name" = '') THEN
      "Search Name" := Name;

    We had someone doing that too - making "Visual" adjustments to accounts instead of simply Blocking the account and/or entering info in the notes. It's very frustrating, it was something we HAD to do in our old Macola system because they didn't have blocked fields n such. I think things like that have to be cleaned up. I have cleaned all our crappy data (like seeing "Do not ship" in the phone # field =; ). You'll be better off the in the future when it's time to upgrade or change systems.
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