3.6,virtual application from virtual PC and error code 59

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This is not a question or a problem I'm stuck on but rather an attempt to find people who have encountered simelar problems and to compare solutions.

*Portable PC (laptop) Windows 7,
*2 partitions hard disk, main & secondary,
*Virtual PC with Windows XP Pro OS,
*Navision attain installed,
*Database located on secondary partition of the host machines main hard disk.

To allow development on a remote copy for developers who are off site and have no (stable) internet connection.
Why do we do this, well we got 3 sites in Belgium and we have several developers with irregular hours sometimes working from home or from the office of one of our clients.
We want development from them to be seperate untill it can be evaluated to be usefull for further development. These can also be for projects to incorporate clients systems without sharing our entire dev enviroment.

When we close down the application when the PC is on network A, and later start when on network B we get error code 59: an unexpected network error.

Launch the virtual PC and start navision there, login, restore blocks and exit.
Restart the virtual application

While this works I was hoping for a better solution.
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