ACH with one payment for multiple invoices

alsolalsol Member Posts: 243
When creating an ACH payment file in NAV (2009 R2 NA) it creates one EFT payment for each invoice. If there are several invoices for the same vendor it does not combine them into one payment. According the CTX format, it should create an addendum record with the detailed payment information but issue on transaction per vendor.

Is this supported by the standard?


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    VjekoVjeko Member Posts: 55
    Standard NAV (W1) does not have such functionality. I don't know if Swiss localized version supports this.
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    jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639

    the german payment module combines the transactions to one payment. Seemed to me like standard functionality since report 393 suggest vendor payments is involved.

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    alsolalsol Member Posts: 243
    The ACH is a part of the NA (North America) localization. I am aware that other localizations have this ability but the payment modules cannot be compared. The ACH module is based on checks, so it still creates check ledger entries even tough it exports a file for electronic payments.

    Has anyone experience with the CTX format of the ACH electronic payment in NA? The following objects are involved:


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    ISSI-tlaISSI-tla Member Posts: 1
    In order to have one ach record created per payment, you must create the payment journal uing the summarize vendor option when doing the suggest vendor payments. This will make one line per vendor in the payment journal for the entire payment amount with it applied to multiple invoices. We ended up creating a custom remittance advice to email to the vendor to show invoices being paid since the ach record cannot reference an invoice number.

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    Ravi_Prakash_GoyalRavi_Prakash_Goyal Member Posts: 72
    You must have figured out the issue by now but there is a hotfix available from Microsoft.


    Ravi Prakash Goyal
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