CFRONT connectivity with Local native database on windows7

kamranshehzadkamranshehzad Member Posts: 165

I have written a program using Cfront in .net. it is supposed to access a native local database running on 2009SP1 / R2 on windows 7 64 bit..

When i run the program from NAVISION by running exe using shell, it loads it for the first time, but on second time i get error ...
Cannot create a file when that file already exists..
I tried many different options but i still get that error. i tried to delete __TEMP__* files from c# after the call is made on exit but still i get this error..though it deletes those files..

I am wondering if any one has faced similar error...or any idea that may work.. ](*,)



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    It looks like previous instance was not correctly closed. Tryto load the C/Front only once, through some singleinstance codeunit
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    kamranshehzadkamranshehzad Member Posts: 165
    I figured out. I was trying to close the connection with in same instance and on next run it was throwing exception.
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