Training Centers / Classes Recommendation

Victor_HugoVictor_Hugo Member Posts: 12
Dear all,

Would it be possible that you give me any recommendation of good training centers in the UK and in the US (I'll be in both places during differents periods of the year)?

I would like to attend NAV 2009 development / finance / SharePoint integration presencial classes (80042, 8005, 80041, 80297 or related courses). I searched the Microsoft Learning website for places where I can participate of these courses but I would like to hear from you guys if there's any center somebody may have already used and would recommend.

Further, I know that these classes are mostly focused on the certifications and with this goal sometimes the training centers provide dense courses (such as 8h x 5 days for development I or II) but if you also know places where I can attend more extended classes I would be very thankful to know.

Thank you all!!!
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