Dynamics Report crashing to desktop

aluisaluis Member Posts: 3
Hello, fellow members of this comunity.
I'm, Alejandro, from Spain.

We've been recently having trouble with some users printing certain reports. When executing those reports (two reports,very similar), either print or preview, Dynamics crahses to Desktop. It happens just for certain users, but not always.
After reading some posts in this forum, we thought it was because of the printer installed on the computer of the users. However, each user had different printers installed, and we even tried selecting the windows built-in printers (Microsoft XPS document writer or Microsoft Office Document Image Printer) as default, but to no avail.

Those reports have not been recently modified, and are not really complex. They don't contain any class of Automation Server, and just print a few records (a single Sales Invoice Header with its lines).

The only 'strange' thing the report does is importing a bmp to print in the report header. However, the image is not too large.
Both users are using Windows XP.

Thanks in advance.


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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    I am doing the same for a customer. NAV will create a bmp and will import it into the report header. This works flawlessly here.

    Check whether it really happens for certain users or on certain machines. Let the users where it happens work on another machine and vice versa.
    Do they have roaming profiles? Might be a windows profile issue.
    Check the NAV version on these machines. Maybe just replace the NAV folder with another one from a machine where the problem does not occur.
    Zup File?
    Did you check the NAV build? Some versions have more problems with printing then others.

    Printing was never a strong point of NAV. Sometimes NAV behaves differently in case NAV found the printer via the printer selection automatically or the user selected the same printer manually.

    Did you check the Page Setup? The user is able to change Paper Format, Tray, Margins, Orientation and Fonts himself.
    Frank Dickschat
    FD Consulting
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    aluisaluis Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your response, Frank.
    I'll try to check if it's due to the ZUP file or the machine, as you say. Users do not tinker with page configuration nor they have roaming profiles.

    Instead of importing the bmp during runtime, i've changed the reports so that now they use the image loaded into Table 79, Company Information.

    So far, so good, but, as the error happens ramdomly, I still don't know if it solved the problem.
    I will also try your other advices to see if it solves the problem.

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    rosenberglrosenbergl Member Posts: 37
    I;ve seen reports crash the NAV client due to bad text data, for example a comment on a sales order. If you can identify the data, you can try deleting and re-entering. Try running the debugger on the report.
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