Dynamics NAV Web Client - New version of Anveo released

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March 22, 2012/Hamburg, Germany: The software company conion media GmbH has just released the new version 2.09 of their Dynamics NAV Web Clients Web Anveo Desk and Anveo Mobile. The specialists for Dynamics NAV Web Clients at NAVwebclient.com hereby provide a much more powerful and flexible toolbox for Dynamics NAV web applications – such as Customer Portals, Vendor-Access and Intranet-Solutions.

Version 2.09 provides a very easy way to manage the layout of the user interface: it is now possible to access CSS styles in a simple way with a few lines of C/AL-code. Available items in stock can be highlighted with a green background, making large lists easy to understand with color-coding.

What is also new is the optimized performance for the Dynamics NAV Web Services: Anveo automatically distributes server-load to several services (Load Balancer for Dynamics NAV Service Tier). This feature allows many users to work with Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile on Dynamics NAV at the same time.

Furthermore it is now possible to create Security Groups for detailed rights management. It can be defined for single users or user groups on the basis of the Dynamics NAV Rights System.

On top of these enhancements, optimized keyboard navigation is now included in Anveo Web Desk: Keyboard shortcuts, well-known from Dynamics NAV, provide quick and convenient navigation and data-input.

Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile are extensions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Anveo provides an easy-to-use web interface for browsers and mobile devices that empower users to run any business-logic of Dynamics NAV on an iPad, smartphone or desktop browsers. Without the need to install any extra client or additional software on the device, Anveo is very simple to use. These features are not available from Microsoft in Dynamics NAV today. As announced at Convergence 2012, Microsoft will not be providing the Dynamics NAV 2013 Web Client until their next release at the end of 2012. Anveo also runs on current versions like the Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1/R2 and the upcoming Dynamics NAV 2013. The Anveo Web Clients have the capability to expand the range of applications to Web Portal Solutions, Mobile Access and Intranet-Solutions.

Anveo first went live in 2010, and today more than 40 NAV Partners trust Anveo for their NAV web solution development for a wide range of industries worldwide.

Learn more about Anveo at http://www.NAVwebclient.com
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Anveo Mobile and Anveo Web Portals for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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