Message by MSMQ to NAV client

jappiejappie Member Posts: 2
I have a question hopefully somebody can answer.
I am an experienced .NET developer, but no experience with NAV.

I have developed software that needs to communicate with the NAV client.
In my software i want to send a message by MSMQ to the NAV client running on that desktop.
I have found only examples that communicate with the server.

The client needs to check if there is a message and then activate itself (on top of other programs) and directly go to the company so that it can be viewed/changed. Then from the client it should send a message to my software which in turn will activate itself again (when a button is clicked in NAV to do so).
I do not need to know how to send the messages (if there is an example it would be great), but need to know if it is possible to build this kind of functionality in NAV (or have it build).

Thank for a quick answer.
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