Inventory Valuation Report v/s GL Control Account

kwajahathydrokwajahathydro Member Posts: 88
edited 2012-03-07 in Navision Attain

I have a strange question which I would like to know the answer for it. After I run adjust cost item entries batch job for the month of feb 2012, when print inventory valuation report and compare it with g/l control account it doesnt tie. Infact the valuation report shows higher figure and g/l control account has a lower value in it.

What I would like to know is in what cases the valuation report is high and gl is low. How do I start to check where it went wrong. I would like to know if there is any starting point for me to investigate the above matter.

Pls do let me know on how to start looking into this issue as I have never seen like this earlier in my navision experience



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