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raju_navraju_nav Member Posts: 41
hi all,

Can anyone of you please explain me the significance of the fields in the object designer window, especially the "modified" and "version list".

with regards


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    Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Member Posts: 92
    Hi Raj

    the Modified Field will be ticked if you open an object make a change and then save the object. It is possible to un-tick it by double clicking. The version list is basically a text field where the latest version of the object is indicated. It is not updated automatically if you change the object. MBS use the following method of assigning versions numbers


    In this example
    the W1 shows this was a non country specific version. you may also see the 2 letter code for your country here.
    the 3.70 shows the major release
    the .00 shows the service pack
    the .01 shows the hotfix

    the version number is shows the last version that the object was changed in so in a 3.70 database you may very well find objects back to 3.01 if there have been no new mods.

    resellers also update this field when they make mods to the object but you would need to refer to the specific resellar to understand their way of listing the versions.

    Hope that helps


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