How to reset a flowfilter ?

shoomshoom Member Posts: 6

on the Turnover form there are filter for 2 global dimensions. AS I understand these fields are flowfilters.

If users enters value into it it filters the subform - OK

As I understand filter value could be reset only by erasing value in the field, am I right?

Please give me a hint how to reset it quickly with standard functionality if possible (as I understand "Show all" button does not work with flowfilters).

I am thinking of adding control button on form resetting dimensions filter, but not all filters.

If anybody can tell - how can I reset flowfilter value?

Thanks in advance!
Yuri Shumakov


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Add Command Button
    OnPush (add)
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    shoomshoom Member Posts: 6

    thanks for the hint!

    I've tried that before, but it resets all filters including date.

    I am interested in resetting only dimension filters. Do you have an idea how to do that?
    Yuri Shumakov
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Never tried before :-k
    Have you ever set flowfilters with code?

    If you do

    You can see all the filters set. Perhaps you can grab them but I'm unsure if you can re-apply them. after a reset.

    Perhaps you'll have to stick with the old Shift-F7 & manually edit.
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    shoomshoom Member Posts: 6
    I got a hint by my colleague!

    I've added to OnPush

    SETRANGE("filter field"); // this will remove the filter
    Yuri Shumakov
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