Relationship between three tables

LeshabelaLeshabela Member Posts: 35
Hi, all.

can any1 tell me the relationship between these tables --> 1. Purch. Invoice Header 2. Vendor ledger Entry 3. Chech ledger Entry

we added a fields for names and some of the names are not been shown in check ledger entry and now I want to write script that will populate names in Check ledger entry from the Purch. Invoice Header, but it seems i've got to go through vender ledger entry.

thanks in advance.
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    lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168

    Sales Invoice Header - No. field

    Get Vendor Ledger Entry where Document No. = No. in Sales Invoice Header.

    Get Bank Ledger Entry where Document No. = Document No. in Vendor Ledger Entry.

    Get Check Ledger Entry where Bank Account Ledger Entry No.= Entry No. in BanK Ledger Entry.

    hope you understood.
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