Work with Dynamics NAV in 64 bits computer

sergio_navsergio_nav Member Posts: 17

I have critical problem to install Dynamics NAV 5.0 in 64 bits computer (in x86 folder because NAV was build in 32 bits)

When I close company, Dynamics saw me this messages:

"Internal error 1 in module 5"


"Internal error 2 in module 7" (is warning)


"Internal error 1 in module 5" (once or twice)

And finally, the aplication fails with fatal error and Windows force me to close NAV

¿The reason of this problem is install NAV in 64 bits? if so, exists 64-bit version?

(Note: With the same database, this error only appears in 64 bits computer)
(Note 2: I attached screenshots)

Thanks in advance for your help
1.PNG 19.9K
2.PNG 20.4K


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