Re-Starting Navision Client 5.0 in ADO Connection Creating

pradeepkmr478pradeepkmr478 Member Posts: 13
Dear All ,

When i am adding Below Variables in Navision Client 5.0 Then Navision Client Get Started. Please help me what i have to do to remove this error.

But when i am adding same variable in Navision Client 2009. Its Working perfectly.

Name DataType Subtype Length
ADO_Connection Automation 'Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library'.Connection
ADO_RecSet Automation 'Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library'.RecordSet
Pradeep Bhardwaj


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    PradeepMindshellInfoPradeepMindshellInfo Member Posts: 13
    Dear Developer,

    You are integrating Navision 5.0 or any version with Sql server. In this integration you are fetching data from one database to another database which are created in Navision. If this, You are doing :--

    Note:- There should be no other higher or lower version of Navision Client should not be installed on the machine.
    This is the main reason your client is restarting again and again.
    Pradeep Bhardwaj
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