Problem Implementing new Standard Cost into past period.

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My issue seems to be related to How can I update the cost back for past transaction? http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=38720&start=0&hilit=revaluation

I was recently tasked by my client to update the Standard Costs in their NAV 2009 R2 system. They decided that the new Standard Cost should take effect from the beginning of this year (2012). No problem I thought, I followed the process from the NAV Help file:
    1) Run Adjust Cost - Item Entries. 2) Run Post Inventory Cost to G/L batch job. 3) Open the Standard Cost Worksheet. 4) Run Suggest Item Standard Cost batch job with Purchase selected as the Replenishment System. Review the results and make changes as necessary. 5) Run Suggest Work/Mach Ctr Std Cost batch job. Review the results and make changes as necessary. 6) Run Roll Up Standard Cost. Review the results and make changes as necessary. 7) Run Implement Standard Cost Change. 8) Review and post the Revaluation Journal which has been populated with entries from previous steps in this process. (on 31/12/2011) 9) Run the Adjust Cost Item Entries.

The Item Cards were updated with the Standard Cost as expected, but the Cost of Sales and Inventory for January 2012 were not updated. Cost of Sales, particularly, is still @ standard cost. ](*,)

There is no major customisation in the Client Database, it is practically standard, the customisation that is there is for importing of Sales Documents, nothing in the Inventory, Sales, Purchase, G/L Posting or Costing Routines.

I have subsequently written a Batch Job to create Revaluation Journal in the following manner:
1) If the entry is a Positive Entry (incoming entry) after the Revaluation Posting Date, create a Revaluation Journal Entr to revalue the entry to Standard Cost.
2) If the entry is a Negative Entry, (outgoing entry) after the Revaluation Posting Date, locate the Incoming entry(ies) if the entry is Dated after the Revaluation Datere, create a Revaluation Journal Entry for the Applied Qty to revalue the entry to Standard Cost.

I then posted the Revaluation Journal and ran the Adjust-Cost Item Entries Batch Job. The January Cost of Sales did change but now by too much.

I haven't found any postings indicating that problems exist in the NAV 2009 R2 costing routine, but does anybody know of any issues? Is there something wrong with my procedure? I am really stuck with this and my client is getting tense as this is affecting their ability to analyse their financials.

Any advise/ideas are welcome.


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    neilmurray13neilmurray13 Member Posts: 3
    An update to this post, I have been communicating with Microsoft support on this issue, the feedback from them is that the Standard functionality is not designed to Back-Date a revaluation for Standard Cost. :shock: Considering that the help file indicates that it is possible.

    The only way forward is to implement the Standard Cost on the current date, revalue the open stock, then manually create a revaluation journal for all inbound entries going back over the period you need the standard cost changed for.

    Fine, if you have a small client with few entries, impossible if you have a client with a large number of stock transactions everyday.

    Back to the drawing board for my batch job I guess. If you are, like me, planning to write a batch job to create the necessary batch job, one tip from MS support is to set the Partial Revaluation Flag to true, and to sum the Quantity field in table 339 (Item Application Entry) to determine the remaining quantity on the specified date. [-o<
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