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Hello all,

I got 2 reports that are showing unexpected behavior that's very easy to reproduce but almost impossible to debug.

Both reports are about pick-ups of goods, and 2 problems occur.
Both reports contain a section that needs to be shown if any good on the pick-up is on a specific unit.

When I want a specific pick-up and pass along the number of the pickup and the date, like requested I get the report in correct form.

However when I want to see all pick-ups, some of them will have strange results.
Some will show good lines from a previous pickup report, some will show the section for the unit while there none on it. (Not all have these problems, most are totally fine)

I noted and checked some of these reports and checked if I requested that specific report the problem it would reoccur. Suprisingly they did not.

I know it will be rather rare to request all reports, but it could happen. I can't really let the debugger run all them all at once and hope to find the problem.

So anyone got an idea on how to start tackeling this problem.

Txn in advance.

Resolved,someone had forgotten to reset the array that filled the data on the reports.
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