Ways to register lines in general journal form.

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This is my first post in this forum. I’m from Spain, and in my Enterprise we are beginning with Dynamics Nav 2009.

I have a problem when i try to register my lines in the general journal form.

I expose my problem:

I’m developing a form that will manage payrolls. When a payroll it’s ok, I fill the general journal (via code) and after, if i go to the general journal form and i push the register button, it Works correctly and i receive a Message where i'm informed that lines have been registered.

I have copied the functionality of register button (general journal form) in my payroll form (call to one code unit), and when I register the payroll, it correctly copies the lines in the general journal and after it updates to the G/L entry table, but I receive every time the message.

Is there another way to register in G/L entry table my lines that i have introduced in the general journal? Every time that i execute the register functionality in my payroll form, i receive a Message saying me that the general journal has registered every line of the journal. Is there a way to register every line of general journal without receiving this message?

Thank you very much


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    sergisoftsergisoft Member Posts: 37

    I think you are using condeunit 13 to register the section. I recommend you use codeunit 12. You need to take in consideration that you must delete every line you post and you have to make COMMITs to save a transaction.

    If you need I have a post on my blog (spanish) that describes the ways to make this:

    Sergi Navarro

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    BernardJBernardJ Member Posts: 57
    The messages you are talking about are generated from codeunit 231 Gen. Jnl.-Post.
    One possible option is to add a boolean field to table 80 Gen. Journal Template to define which template won't show these messages when used for posting, then you check for this field in codeunit 231
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