Quantity to Ship & Quantity to invoice in invoice line??

rinki123rinki123 Member Posts: 367
Hi Experts,

I am creating an Order(this order will use in order planning)and don't want to show value in quantity to ship and quantity to invoice field but whenever quantity comes in Order Quantity field in Sales Order Line it automatically updated in quantity to ship and quantity to invoice field.

Suggest me the solution.



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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    my suggestion would to be to check the code on the sales line table for quantity field and follow what it does.

    also code coverge option can help you find where those fields are being updated.

    and you'll have to modify it.

    also make sure this change won't cause you more problems than it's worth.

    if you only want this option for certain orders or certain customers i would put a check box on the sales header or customer table "Don't fill Qty Ship & Inv" that can be ticked when you want this to happen ..something like if NOT "Don't fill Qty Ship & Inv" then begin...around the code that validates the fieild update...end

    Or add a function to the sales order to clear these fields for you thru code.
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