ADCS on 64 bit servers

slowhandfanslowhandfan Member Posts: 56
I have gotten alot of mixed signals on this one and very little fact... I have not seen it work personally...

Can ADCS / VT100 run on a 64 bit server.... If so, any info on what version of ADCS/VT100 is necessary to make that happen...?

Any fact on the matter would be appreciated...


Scott aka Slowhandfan


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    KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    It might be possible to get this working on a 64 bit server. But the time you will spend on it might be more expensive than getting an old XP box and install the NAS, ADCS and the VT100 process on that. That way you have a computer with an OS that will support VT100 natively.

    I personally am of the opinion to keep a server as clean as possible and not load these little 32 bit processes. It is kind of an overkill to put ADCS, NAS and VT100 on a 64 bit, because the NAS will only use 1 Gb at the most. And if the server is running SQL I would keep it SQL only.

    Hope this helps,

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