GL Inconsistency error in Transfer Order

MallyMally Member Posts: 128
I m using NAV 2009 R2 IN version, when I m posting (Ship) Transfer Order of more than 150 lines without any structure I m getting GL inconsistensy error.I have used tips and tricks I found differenece of only 0.01 amount. Please let me know how can I solve this problem of difference amount 0.01


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    raveendran.sraveendran.s Member Posts: 119
    Might be a amount rounding Issue. Try to play with that...
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    MallyMally Member Posts: 128
    What I should do in that Transfer Order?
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    does one of the lines have a value with many decimal points?
    1.3648 (we round the above # down & try, if it doesn't work we round another decimal point off)
    1.365 (& so on)
    1.37 (& so on)
    1.4 keep cutting & rounding it down until it posts.

    (When we see that error (very rare) that's what we do.)
    for us it's not worth spending all day on a tenth of a cent.
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    MallyMally Member Posts: 128
    Dear Cocnern,
    Thanxs for ur prompt response.When I m posting transfer order with adjust cost batch job then it is successfully posted after posting TO, when I run adjust cost batch job it is throwing me same error(GL inconsistency).

    Another thing as u told me to decrease decimal places. I have too many lines with 5 decimal places how I'll know that in which line I'll decrease decimal places.
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    vishalkumarjainvishalkumarjain Member Posts: 8
    edited 2012-10-27
    any reply for above situation because we also faced the same condition with one of our client

    the situation was :

    Transfer Order made for Item ABC with 36 Qty and internally system picked these qty (for transfer purpose) from diff. Item Ledger entry e.g. when Transfer Order shipped :

    Inventory Reduced (Main Store) : ABC -36 Pcs @ Value 277.55 (Cost per Unit taken by system is 7.70972)

    Inventory Added (In-Transit) : ABC +8 Pcs Value 61.32 (Cost Per Unit taken by system is 7.665)
    ABC +3 Pcs Value 22.99 (Cost Per Unit taken by system is 7.66333)
    ABC +25 Pcs Value 193.23 (Cost Per Unit taken by system is 7.7292)

    Now, in above condition, you can see that actually system picked three diff. ILE entries to transfer the required qty but only single ILE generated for outbound entry purpose.
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    vishalkumarjainvishalkumarjain Member Posts: 8
    This issue posted as a new case...
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